Welcome to Worldimproving.com

We offer you to create an income for yourself while you help others.

All you need is to spread your own part of our page, that we can create for you on this site.

Your page will have a payment form and a great selection of instructive and empowering videos and audiobooks that can help you and others to succeed in life and reach happiness and higher goals and dreams.

Those visitors that you bring in can reward you for the help and if they get their own page you will also be rewarded. To join our project you currently need a longer web address from one of those who spread our page.

To support those who have their own page on our site we now only make joining (and watching our video selection) available through their pages, not through this first page.

If you have received a link or note that included Worldimproving.com/tv/a_persons_name+number, then please visit that full link for more information about our project.